Premium Medicinal Cannabis Supplied Year-Round

Using a unique cultivation approach, we can grow and supply high-quality cannabis to suit time-critical requirements for domestic and international clients.

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High quality medical cannabis with a repeatable and consistent chemical profile

Year-Round Harvests

Unlike outdoor cultivation methods, which are influenced by unpredictable weather patterns and soil variations, our indoor method utilises multiple separate growing rooms so batches are ready at regular intervals.

Controlled Cultivation

We use the latest in IoT technology to monitor critical environmental conditions such as temperature, light levels, carbon dioxide and humidity, ensuring your harvest is produced on time, everytime.

Pristine Cannabis Flowers

Methods that rely on soil or a growing medium to cultivate cannabis can be susceptible to the development and spread of pathogens or diseases. Our method eliminates the need for growing medium, minimising the potential for soil-borne diseases and pests.

Consistent Chemical Profile

Patients and practitioners rely on precise cannabinoid and terpenoid profiles to ensure consistent therapeutic effects and desired outcomes. With careful environmental control and the utilisation of tissue culture, we provide a reliable and reproducible chemical composition in each batch.


Our unique and precise method uses 90% less water and 98% less land, making a positive impact on the planet and contributing to a greener future.

The Facility

The indoor cultivation facility in Victoria, Australia, is designed specifically for EU GMP certified medicinal cannabis production. Our stage one facility of 1,500m2 can be expanded further to meet demand.

State-Of-The-Art Environmental Control Systems

Environmental parameters are optimised using advanced IoT systems to ensure we create stable and consistent conditions to prevent the growth of mould, pests, and diseases, which can have a detrimental impact on plant health and crop quality.

Advanced Lighting

The lighting system consists of high-quality LED lights, carefully calibrated to provide the optimal spectrum and intensity of light for cannabis cultivation. This ensures that the plants receive the right amount of light, promoting healthy growth and maximising yields.

Security and Access Control

With 24-hour security surveillance cameras both inside and outside of the facility, further enhanced by sophisticated access controls, we ensure your cannabis is safeguarded and delivered on time.

Experienced Staff

Horticulturists and cannabis cultivation experts carefully monitor the plants' progress and oversee tasks such as planting, proper nutrient regime, pruning, training, and harvesting to ensure optimal plant health and maximise the yield potential. The team conducts regular inspections and implements rigorous quality control measures to ensure the production of high-quality medical cannabis.

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The Team

Mohan Perera

Director and CEO

Prof. Dimuth Siritunga

Director and Chief Science Officer

Michael Waymark

Director and Chief Commercial Officer

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“At Zion Botanics, we believe that medicinal cannabis is a shining light that can change society’s reliance on drugs of dependence, and bring Homeostasis to a person’s mind, body and spirit”

Mohan Perera

Chief Executive Officer

Few Common FAQs
Why choose Zion Botanics' medical cannabis?
Zion Botanics' medical cannabis stands out due to our meticulous cultivation techniques that result in a dependable and consistent chemical composition. This consistency ensures that our products consistently deliver the therapeutic effects that patients and practitioners rely on.
How does Zion Botanics ensure product quality and consistency?
Zion Botanics ensures product quality and consistency by utilizing modern aeroponic and tissue culture techniques. By closely monitoring and managing environmental conditions by utilizing advanced IoT technology, we maintain precise chemical profiles in our cannabis products, ensuring reliable and consistent therapeutic effects for our customers. Our commitment to these practices guarantees that every product meets our high standards of quality and consistency.
How secure is Zion Botanics' facility?
Zion Botanics' facility boasts a high level of security achieved through a combination of measures. We maintain 24/7 surveillance, employ advanced access control systems, and have a team of experienced staff dedicated to ensuring the utmost security. This comprehensive approach guarantees the protection of our operations, products, and sensitive information, allowing us to operate with the highest standards of safety and confidentiality.
How does Zion Botanics ensure a year-round supply of consistent cannabis?
Our facility is designed in a modular manner permitting year-round supply of different stains. Each room is planted in different stages permitting the harvests at different months year round. Controlled environments and asynchronised planting in different rooms allow us to provide uninterrupted access to high-quality cannabis from the same cultivar or from different cultivars.
What strains/cultivars are available at Zion Botanics?

We have access to a diverse strain selection catering to various preferences and medical needs. We can grow strains commonly available in Australia for purchase or proprietary strains for a particular client. Furthemore, these strains can be maintained in our tissue culture vault for safe-keeping and the prevent genetic erosion. We are flexible as to which strains to grow.

Can Zion Botanics grow cultivars/strain exclusively for a client?
Yes, defintely. Due to the craft-batch size model it will be easy to provide exclusivity to a single buyer for flowers from a particular strain.
At Zion Botanics do you irradiate the flowers?
Due to the indoor aeroponic method of growing (no soil at all) we do not anticipate the use of irradiation to kill DNA of microorganisms. But, if need be, we will use gamma-radiation after consulting with the buyer.
Who can buy medical cannabis from Zion Botanics?

Zion Botanics is a craft contract grower. Distributors, wholesalers, manufacturers, and retailers with valid licence can enter into purchase agreements with Zion Botanics.

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