How We Grow Consistent, Quality & Sustainable Cannabis

Premium year-round batches of fresh cannabis grown in a safe and environmentally-friendly way

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Premium Quality

Your clients want the best. Unfortunately, cannabis quality deteriorates over time in storage. That’s why we supply you with consistent yields, guaranteeing your clients get their cannabis at its peak freshness when it reaches your hands.

  1. High THC levels and terpene profiles

    Using aeroponics and tissue culture, we cultivate cannabis plants that have high yield and optimum cannabinoid/terpene profiles in our state-of-the-art indoor facility.

  2. Abundant choice

    Whether you're seeking a specific cannabinoid, strain or terpene profile, we have a selection of cultivars that can meet your (and your clients’) preferences as they evolve over time.

  3. Flavour and aroma

    Our diverse strains, with rich and robust flavour profiles, provide your clients with an aromatic medicinal experience.

  4. Tailored for you

    Find the perfect match among a diverse range of cultivars. Each offers a unique chemical profile, allowing you to select cannabis strains to suit the specific preferences and desired outcomes of your clients.

Year round supply

  1. Regular Harvests

    Cultivation occurs through multiple partitioned rooms where planting is staggered to deliver a consistent and regular supply

  2. Switch cultivar as required

    With a staggered propagation of our cannabis batches, you can change your cultivar requirements, from one harvest to the next.

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Better chemical profile

  • 01

    Up to 33% THC and 4% Terpenes

  • 02

    Repeatable harvests with 1-2% variability in chemical profile

  • 03

    Reproduce the same strains years later

Our licensed IP in Tissue Culture and Aeroponics has been proven in the US to produce a higher quality crop with a repeatable chemical profile.

Genetically Identical

By propagating cannabis plantlets using tissue culture techniques (micropropagation) and aeroponics, we can grow your strains free of stress, free of epigenetic variation caused by disease or pathogens. These techniques allow us to maintain your strains for many years using less space in our sterile tissue bank.

Consistent profiles

Our tissue culture-derived plants lead to the production of consistent medicinal cannabis with a dependable chemistry profile that is unaltered from generation to generation.

Safer Harvests

Our cultivation takes place in a secured indoor facility with controlled access points, 24-hour surveillance cameras, and advanced security systems in place, ensuring your harvests are always secure.

  1. Disease prevention

    Our indoor facility has partitioned rooms that help isolate different stages of the cultivation process. This segregation reduces the risk of pathogen invasion and the spread of diseases between plants. The journey begins with rigorous sanitation protocols, creating an environment where pests and pathogens find it nearly impossible to take hold.

  2. Preserve valuable strains

    We utilise genetic banking, ensuring your strains are available for future breeding projects or cultivation purposes. This method also reduces the risks associated with maintaining a ‘mother room’, where disease outbreaks or genetic degradation can occur.

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Making a positive impact on the planet and contributing to a greener future


Less land

With its ability to stack multiple layers of plants vertically, our aeroponic methods maximise space. This efficiency allows for more sustainable land management practices and minimises the environmental footprint.


Less water usage

Compared to hydroponics, which uses a continuous flow of nutrient solution, aeroponics can achieve water savings up to 90%. We use a fine mist to deliver water directly to the plant's roots, ensuring minimal wastage.


Less fertiliser

Precise control of nutrient delivery results in optimised fertiliser usage. By fine-tuning the nutrient solution and delivering it directly to the plant's roots in a mist form, we reduce fertiliser waste and runoff.

Few Common FAQs
What variety of cannabis strains does Zion Botanics offer?

We offer a diverse selection of cultivars to meet evolving preferences. Whether you're seeking specific strains or terpene profiles, our range caters to varied medicinal needs.

What ensures the high THC level in Zion Botanics' cannabis products?

Through our precise cultivation techniques, we consistently achieve high THC levels, up to 33%, ensuring potency and efficacy.

How can I trust that Zion Botanics' medical cannabis products are reliable and effective?

Our products undergo rigorous quality control at every stage, validated by cutting-edge analytical methods. Our commitment to precise cultivation and continuous research ensures consistent therapeutic effects.

How does Zion Botanics ensure the security of its cultivation facility?
We ensure security through 24/7 surveillance, advanced access controls, and highly trained staff, protecting both physical and digital aspects of our facility.
How can I contact Zion Botanics for inquiries?

For inquiries and information, please don't hesitate to contact Zion Botanics through the Contact Us form. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you with any questions you may have and to provide the information you need for orders or other inquiries.

I am from Germany. Can I order from Zion Botanics?
For information on ordering from Germany and international considerations, we kindly ask you to get in touch with us via our "Contact Us" form.

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