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Specialists In Craft Cannabis Cultivation

ZionBotanics is a specialist craft grower that provides high quality cannabis flowers to domestic and international clients. Our facility and production is EU GMP certified.

We have extensive experience with tissue culture and aeroponics, which enables us to provide a year-round supply of premium cannabis with optimum cannabinoid/terpene profiles that are free from pesticides and pathogens.

Utilising world-leading IP, we are able to produce highly customised cultivars and batch sizes that can be readily duplicated and scaled.

The Zion Botanics Difference

Consistent Premium Quality

High Yields

Year-Round Regular Harvests

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Leading the way to a brighter future in cannabis cultivation.

Professor Dimuth Siritunga, PhD

Chief Science Officer

Dimuth is a respected authority in the North American cannabis industry where he has played a leading role since 2016. As a consultant to the industry, he has cultivated more than 30 strains of medicinal cannabis and established a plant tissue culture facility with the capacity to produce a myriad of sterile plantlets of many different cultivars. Dimuth is also the professor of Genetics and the University of Puerto Rico - Mayaguez and has published over 35 papers on various themes in plant molecular biology. His university research lab has attracted funding from NSF (USA), USDA, the Gates Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation and private companies. Dimuth is a founder, Director and Chief Science Officer of Zion Botanics. He has specific responsibilities for the tissue culture laboratory, the growing and production facilities, and the quality and consistency of the cultivars that Zion Botanics produces.

Mohan Perera

B Bus, CEO

Mohan is an entrepreneur, innovator, experienced CEO, keynote speaker and business leader. He is the founder of the Zion Group of companies, a successful multi-million dollar logistics organisation providing transport and cold chain services to a broad range of industrial clients. Recognising the need for a greater level of compliance in the transport sector, Mohan developed and commercialised a software-based onboarding, training and compliance package known as ‘Undivide’ which is now deployed by major providers in the transport sector. Mohan is a founder, Director and major shareholder of Zion Botanics. In his role as CEO, Mohan is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the business, with specific responsibilities for compliance, transport and logistics.

Michael Waymark

BE, MBA, MAICD Chief Commercial Officer

Michael is a successful Chief Executive, Non-Executive Director, Finance Committee Chair and Advisory Board member with over 15 years board level experience across the Energy, Utilities, Defence, Resources, Health and Asset Management sectors. He founded and is the Managing Principal of Waymark Services Pty Ltd, a leading provider of services to Asset Management and Property clients, with a specific focus on the deployment of engineering and technology to optimise asset management outcomes. Michael is a founder, Director and Chief Commercial Officer of Zion Botanics. He has specific responsibilities for the design and operations of the electrical, aeroponics, environmental monitoring, access control, waste management and security systems at the Zion Botanics facilities, quality and sustainability, as well as commercial oversight of all contractual arrangements with clients and suppliers.

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